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6 Reasons to Get a Windshield Banner from Strait Design

1. Looks good on a street car! We have plain single color ones available. The standard size is for newer model trucks and cars. The vintage size is more proportioned to the 70-80-90's imported car, like a Toyota Corolla. If you aren't sure - order standard.

Gran Turismo banner in white with black text.
Gran Turismo

2. Looks fun on a drift car! Get inspired by our Gran Turismo or Toyota Racing Development banners!

Matching yellow D1 Banners at USAir
D1 Banners

Custom team banner for Blood Moon Garage at USAir drift day
Blood Moon Garage

3. You can match with your drift team! We offer a bundle or you can pick our the same. Tip - have the reliable friend order all and save on shipping if you are stateside (over $100) or international (over $150).

Custom team banners for Night Parade designed to match cars with chrome team lettering
Night Parade

4. We make all banners to order, so if you want something custom to match your car livery - just ask! If it is a color we keep in stock it will be same price. :)

5. Our summer discount banner sale is on! You can try a banner for ridiculously cheap - these banners are extra we made or have slight imperfections. Everything should be listed. If you have a question, reach out.

6. Oh keeps the glare from your eyes when you drive. Especially if you took out your flip down visors or if you like more coverage. Dark colors (black, matte black, gun metal grey) will block all light. Whites you will be able to see light but not such a harsh glare.

Bonus: We make are a local small business in the Midwest. We make most items 100% to order and create our own designs and videos. Montana instructs performance driving and has been drifting for over a decade. We have more cars than our driveway can fit, including a track car and drift car (in progress)'s not a problem.



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