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Single Color Windshield Banner

Single Color Windshield Banner


Single color vinyl blank!

Size 56in long x 8in tall. Apply and cut to fit your size windshield.

Vintage size available for small windshields 52 inches long x 7 inches tall.


Keep the sun out with Black and Matte Black or add light sun coverage and lotsa style with Red, White, Silver, or Gold banner stickers!


Banner comes as a rectangle - install and trim edges to fit the unique curve of your windshield.


Installation Tips and links to videos on our blog:

  • Banner Install Instructions

    Out of the Package- Unroll your banner and let sit flat to relax the vinyl. Especially if the postal service flattened it. It will be easier to line up and apply when it is less curly.

    Tips for Applying Windshield Banners

    - Do not apply in too cold (polar vortex or anything under 50 degrees is not ideal, so apply in garage or wait for a warm day in winter), too hot (the vinyl will get really soft and may stretch too much when applying), or too windy conditions (debris can get onto the vinyl or it can blow and stick to itself, so set up a wind block or move inside).

    - Only clean your windshield with 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or plain water before applying banner. If you want to use soapy water for wet application, choose a dish soap like Dawn. We have done both wet and standard dry application for the banners with success.

    - Unroll the banner and measure it to your vehicle, tape in place, and double check that it covers all the areas you want. Sit inside the car and check the level the banner would be while driving. Tip for those wanting super-low banners: buy two and layer them to fit your needs.

    Watch our installation videos on how to apply banners first and then apply yours!Strait Design Blog:

    o Instagram How-to video:

    o Strait Design Windshield Banner Install video:

    Strait Design TRD Racing Banner Install video:

    o For written instructions with photos, see:

    Basic steps: Measure, tape in the center, peel back one side and apply, peel back the other side to apply, trim around the edges

    Tools to have on hand: painters tape, scissors, squeegee, razor blade

  • Shipping

    All items are made to order and we do our best to get them in the mail as soon as we can, but please allow 3-5 business days to produce most orders. If you need something faster, give us a call/text/email :)

    All shipped Priority Mail via USPS and will have tracking info emailed to you.

    International shipments take longer. Please be aware of your countries shipping rules in relation to COVID. If a package is in transit, we cannot control how long it will take and you will be responsible for communicating with your home country post office for confirmation and/or resolution on any shipping issues. 

  • Return Policy

    Due to all items being made to order, we do not accept returns or refunds on any products. If an item damages during shipping please contact us as soon as possible so it can be replaced. If an item has been installed we will not refund.

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