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Windshield Banner Decal Removal: Video and Tips!

A quick way to make an impact with your vehicle is a windshield banner, whether you want to stand out, blend in, or just block sun with style. A banner decal can represent a team you drive with, an event series (D1 Grand Prix), or a passion (Tamiya, Gran Turismo, Genki!).

If you already have a banner decal on your car, here are some tips to remove it, a video we produced, and some examples of banner styles you may want to put on your fresh windshield.


  1. Pick a nice day...70's and not too windy is ideal. Too hot and the vinyl will stretch and be extra goopy with residue. Too cold and the banner will shatter into pieces while pulling and it will take a long time to remove it all.

  2. Plastic razor blades (or very cautious use of regular razor blades) will help with pulling up a starter corner and scraping off any left over residue.

  3. Simple How-to: Pick a corner and pull up vinyl. Slowly and steadily pull away from car. Once banner is removed, use rubbing alcohol to clean residue off the glass. Done!

Let's get started!

A new windshield banner can dramatically change the look of a car, freshen it up, and round out new livery. Montana's Miata has seen many banner swaps due to new seasonal livery! Check out some favorite looks!

Check out more tips and videos in our Resources & Instruction section!

Check out more videos on our Strait Design YouTube page!

Up Next: NEW Vinyl application tips and video!

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