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What is the Best Track Day Car?

Simple...The car that you are driving right now is the best track day car!

That being said, driving a track day in your daily driver (or taking your wife's 1995 Mercury Cougar) is better than not driving on track at all!

As you may have noticed from past blogs, I have been an instructor with a few organizations over the past few years. This year I started instructing with the Gary Curtis Driving Experience. It is no surprise that with new driving students, we always instruct in the passenger seat.... Well, until this time! My student had a Volkswagen Scirocco built to race in the vintage class, and it no longer had a passenger seat! Super rad, right?

I ended up driving the Cougar on track for a few sessions in a 'lead-and-follow' instruction technique with the classic VW, and it was awesome. I was blown away with how good the Mercury handled. The power from the Ford 4.6V8 was great! Mind you this car was not prepped by any means; just reliable and well-kept. It was on 620TW Starfire tires (195/70/16) and stock suspension. Was it going to set any records? ...No, but that's not why we were there anyway! Did it put a smile on my face and others when they saw it on track? ...Hell yeah, it did!

Overall the day was amazing and I have a new found appreciation for the XR-7 Cougar! So, if you are ever on the fence about going to a track day, just do it! You can go any almost any car (borrow one, if you need to) and attend one of the awesome events like the GCDE events and get the seat time! Here are some of the other cars that were at the event!

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