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Track Ready Tips

Packing for the track:

Few of us are lucky enough to have a track in our neighborhood, so traveling a couple hours is key to a performance driving or drifting day. Once you are at the track, consider the elements. If you drift at USAir, there currently aren’t spectator shelter buildings and no coverage in the pits, so you will be exposed to the wind, rain, sun, bees, mosquitos, loud exhausts. Extra clothes, umbrellas, hats, sunscreen, ear plugs. Chairs to sit on, unless you perch on tires or your skateboard. Sunshade canopy…and stuff to secure the canopy. Cooler with water. Easy to eat snacks.

Research the track and see what is around for gas stations, auto parts, grocery/restaurants, parks, etc. If a lot is around, you may not need to bring a lot of extras. If there is limited around, pack a little extra or combo with friends (someone brings the jack, someone brings the grill).

If you have an opportunity to hop a ride and spectate an event prior to driving, check out what cars are driving, what other people bring, and what the track amenities are. Watch videos of the track to see what the course layout and pit layout are like.

Logistics of getting there:

Drive or tow? Solo or crew? Pros and cons to each, but it is nice to drive with friends. You may want to plan gas station stops, if your car takes racing fuel, specialty fuel, or has a small fuel tank. Rural areas have long stretches with no gas stations, and rolling on fumes is not a recipe for success.

Once you arrive, pitting next to friends or folks that have similar style is ideal. We have kids, so we try to pit next to those who either have kids or don’t mind kids. At least the track is loud, so it mutes the noise level of our boys…but they are spontaneous and messy. (More about kid's at track days in our More Kids in the Pits blog)

Don’t forget:

GoPro, GoPro mounts, data cards, batteries, battery chargers, cords, computer (if uploading lots of media). Phone and phone charger. Skateboard, scooter, bike to ride in the pits. Water to stay hydrated. Wet Wipes because tracks are dirty. Zip ties for bumpers and broken bits. And lastly – have fun!

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