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Track Visit to Raceway Park of the Midlands June 2023

It was a rainy morning when we pulled into our private driving day at Raceway Park of the Midlands (RPM) in Pacific Junction, Iowa. Storms knocked out satellites during a morning downpour and the Iowa State Patrol was re-routing interstate traffic due to a bad accident. This was our first trip back since August 2021.

One of the first things we noticed was more planes in the air. Planes overhead, trains rumbling in the background, and cars rolling down the interstate along the track make it a place of movement. This movement was halted with 2019 floods (see Track Conditions blog) and a substantial amount of structural damage was done. Luckily the track itself seems to be good (and, also the I-29 Dragstrip).

Work in Progress at RPM. Here is a brief update and photos on track conditions:

  • Hot pit lane is still crumbling. Use with caution.

  • Pit area has crumbling pavement and surface crumbling. Bleachers were in good shape.

  • Concession and Restrooms are not in good condition. Building is not currently unusable. Two portable restrooms were available for use. No running water. No other amenities or concessions.

  • Sunoco Race Oil sign was still standing proud. The old race pumps were still there but fading and overgrown.

Final thoughts: RPM is still WIP

Blog content and photos by Lissa Strait

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