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Drift Day 85

The 2022 season is officially underway even if the weather has been a little on the cold side we got lucky with some sunshine for ClubFR's DD85 at USAir in Shawano, WI.

Photo by Colin Cook

We setup our pit spot near some grass so our kids would have a place to play, (Check out this blog about kids at track days )

Photo by Colin Cook

After a few quick donuts in the parking lot I went over to the intermediate course and the car was feeling great! However it did take a few runs to kick the rust off.

After my first session out I took a small break. I went back out, and right away a car (not mine!) had an issue and needed to be towed off track, so I used this opportunity to go over to the advanced course.

Photo by SuperDave

There where not many cars on the advanced side, I was able to turn quite a few laps... and that did a number on my tires.

...and that was the first pair done! I grabbed a snack and headed back out!

Great times where had!

The car preformed 10/10 I could not have asked for more!

I want to give a few shout-outs:

ClubFR for having these events, they are always fun, and have cool people and cooler cars than any other events around. Pat and Ann/USAir track staff, always making the whole family feel welcome! My wife 'Lissa for bringing extra tires, watching the kids and being a "spotter" to give me advice on how to be a better driver. and a shoutout to all the Media folks! Colin Cook Superdave ClusterFuc Now to dump a pile of photos / videos for you to enjoy :)

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