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Spring Break Road-trip 2022: Mountain Roads and Beaches

We decided to take the Subaru Outback wagon on a good old-fashioned family road-trip.

Seven days of state hopping, with plenty of curvy mountain roads and weather ranging from snow in Indiana to 90 degrees in Florida. What an adventure!

The Subaru wagon did not disappoint on those mountain roads. Montana and Lissa took turns driving and loved the hills. Montana enjoyed racing up the mountain and Lissa kicked off her sandals to drive down the mountain barefoot. There is some beautiful country out there to drive, especially Kentucky and Tennessee.

Photo Highlights below:

Yes, we stopped at Buc-ees (insane!) and got lots of gas station coffee!

Waffle House - check! Waffle House at 4:00 AM - double-check!

Classic road-trip stop and not as dirty inside as we had been warned about. Order the waffles, coffee, and orange juice...can't go wrong.

Hello, Florida! We made it! Saw some alligators, collected shells on the beach, and got some surf-style souvenirs. The best part was visiting friends who live there and catching up.

Paducah, KY absolutely charmed us with the cherry trees in bloom, and best coffee on the trip (Etcetera CoffeeHouse).

It was a long drive, but we would definitely do it again!

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