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Winter in Minnesota! Let's have some fun on ice!

Texas Drift Academy drifting on frozen Lake Madison
Texas Drift Academy

T-Pain and Hert drifting a 350Z

We took the opportunity to go and check out the International Ice Racing Association's (IIRA) track day at Madison Lake in southern Minnesota. The idea was to take photos and check out the wheel-to-wheel racing for possibly adding to our racing schedule next year. And we got a fun surprise with Texas Drift Academy sharing the Lake and putting on quite a show!

IIRA races are fun to watch, with plenty of passing and snow flying. Competitors go wheel-to-wheel with a mix of two and four wheel drive; all have studded tires. They have a road course style track plowed on the lake, with a start/finish line and they go out for laps until the check flag flies!

Studded Ice-Cross tires

When we arrived at the lake, we parked on the ice near Texas Drift Academy, which was there with a handful of their 350Z drift cars. We saw a familiar face when we got there, it was Hert from Hoonigan. He was in the car showing T-Pain how to drift! It was super fun to see them drift their z's on the ice! We got a great video of T-Pain doing a lap in the blue Texas Drift Academy car and enjoyed watching the crew of other drifters.

T-Pain and Hert drifting with Hoonigan & Texas Drift Academy
T-Pain drifting

Hoonigan crew filming T-Pain talk about his lap on the ice. Hert in background.
T-Pain after his lap

As luck would have it, the ice fun did not stop there. I got a tip from a friend that there were some vintage cars, planes, and more at Duck Lake ( just a few miles away). We had to go down and check it out! They where almost done for the day, but there where still some hot rods and motorcycles driving on the ice!

Vintage Ride with Studded tires

What a rad day! The winter car scene in Minnesota is unstoppable as long as the ice stays thick!

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