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ClubFR Drift Day 88

And we are back with ClubFR to our favorite track! USA International Raceway in Shawano WI.

ClubFR has been going to USAIR since 2003, I went to my first event (to spectate) in 2011 for DD39. My first event was a year later at No Star Bash in spring 2012 in my old NA Miata.

On Friday night we had gotten a bit of rain and most of the morning the track was wet in spots. It took a few laps to find the line. After getting a little more comfortable with the wet/dry track, I moved over to the advanced side of the track.

I started on a pair of old snow tires they did really well and lasted a lot longer than I had thought they would. However when I got onto advanced they overheated a bit and one of them fully delaminated!

After these I switched to a set of take off tires from track days. They were a little larger and stickier than most of the other tires I have use for drifting. The tires were BFG Sport Comp2 (320 TW) tires in a 205 width. With these tires I felt I had more grip and was able to go faster around the track, and the speed helped me connect more corners.

I was able to drive almost the whole day. Way more seat time than any other drift day that I had ever done!

USAIR is a special place to me, its something that never gets old no matter how many laps I do there. I keep going back and having more fun than the previous event. After DD88 I am wanting to get back into drifting a little more than just a random event here or there. In 2023, I plan to make drifting a priority!

Shoutout to all of the ClubFR Staff, Media, and Pat and Ann!

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