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New Livery just in time for the Minneapolis Mile car show!

Out with the old and in with the new!

The Minneapolis Mile car show is a large stylish car show that happens annually here in the Twin Cities, so of course, I wanted to enter to show off our Miata. What better way to do it than to install a new flashy livery!

For this livery design, I planned a throwback to that early 2000's styling with flames, chrome and a pile of brand stickers. In past liveries I always felt they where incomplete without something on the hood and or trunk; this time we did both!

At the show I wrapped the headlights in red vinyl to enhance the "race car" look.

Following along with that early 2000's vibe, the passenger side decals mirror the driver side (all of the logos/ branding starts at the front and ends at the back of the car).

During the show, a super cool overhead rafter shot of some of the Mazdas that showed up.

Watch our install happen! Check out the video

Want to see more from the show? Check it out here

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