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Vinyl Removal

The best thing about vinyl is that it is temporary, so when you want to change it up you can rip it off and create something new!

We offer these plastic razor blades that are great for getting the vinyl to start peeling without scratching your paint! Check out the removal blades here

I like to have my car sit outside during removal, when its warm out it will heat up the car/vinyl to a good temperature for removal. Take the removal razor and scrape a corner of the vinyl as shown below.

After you have an edge peeled you can grab it with you hands and peel the rest of the decal up. Typically it works best to pull up at a shallow angle from the car.

And just like that you have the first part removed! Repeat until you have all of the desired decals removed! Now that all of the vinyl is removed you may have an outline/ghosting around the decal, if you have this it is rather simple to remove. I recommend using isopropyl alcohol to clean any left over adhesive, if needed I will clay-bar to get rid of any extra outlines.

After a quick cleaning it looks good. !

Now, the car is completely naked! Keep an eye out as we will premier our new livery at the Minneapolis Mile car show this Saturday, 8/20. See you there!

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