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New Racing Livery on the Miata

New track, new event, new livery! We loved the early drift team inspired livery we did on Montana's race-car for last year's Final Bout event and drifting at US Air...but we also love design and the Miata is a perfect canvas.

In between other projects, we had about a week to get the old design off and the new design created, cut, and applied. Vintage race-car was our inspiration, since we were getting ready for high performance driving with Gridlife at their Chicago - Autobahn Country Club event (weekend of June 24-26).

Luckily, the heat wave worked to our advantage in peeling off the old vinyl. It came off super-fast. The heat works well for removal, but don't try to install on really hot days. Wait until evening or do indoors in a climate controlled space.

The design was created and sized and all that was left was won out over yellow....because we have a fondness for green cars! It definitely popped on the track, especially with green under glow lights during the rainy sessions.

Vroom Vroom...

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