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June Cars of the Month - Andy's Dodge Viper and Chandra's Chevy Corvette

How long have you had the Corvette? Viper?

Andy: Year and a half.

Chandra: Almost 6 years. It's part of what started our relationship. Our first "date"/meet up he pulled up in it (it was his originally) and I said "Nice car" he said "Thanks its for sale" and the rest was history.

Who is faster?

Andy: Hard to say.

Chandra: I try, but definitely him...I could get him in a 30 roll though but he would reel me in quickly.

Who do you race with and do you compete in the same events against each other?

Andy: I race against myself, all about improving my times. Sometimes, it depends on what class we both get put in.

Chandra: Still kind of starting out so no one specific, but I won't ever turn down a good race lol. We do compete with each other but we also drive in sync ...a lot of our racing is focused on helping each other win whether on the street or the track.

What is your favorite track? And why is that track best?

Both of us: Hometown track...BIR. We have a lot of good memories there and it is an easy track to learn. We are both looking forward to hopefully doing a track day at Circuit of the Americas soon though!

Why a Corvette and Viper? Tell us a little more about your cars.

Andy: Because a viper is a tube chassis car and very easy to work on, I never owned one and we found one for a great deal. I had been wanting something new.

Chandra: I have always been a Vette lover and it was one of my dream cars as a little girl, The C4 is a great platform car and it is solid, reliable, easy to work on (for the most part lol) and goes like no one's business when it's built right. People don't do a lot with a C4 so to have mine the way I have it makes it that much more fun because you do not see them dumped and on spray like mine is all that often.

Which car has the doggie seat?

Chandra: ABSOLUTELY mine! Where I go Koda goes, and that includes the track...Crazy dog mom, I'll own that lol!

Any shout-outs? Andy: All of my friends and family for the support and my lovely wife C.

Chandra: My husband for all of his support and motivation in making me a better driver, our family and all of our friends <3

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