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Montana's '99 Mazda Miata - Spring Updates

You are doing a lot of performance driving with the Miata. What track prep was priority for this season?

For the 2021 season I really wanted to upgrade the cars suspension, add a harness and harness bar, and do a little maintenance.

What advantages does the new spring set-up have?

The new suspension that I went with was Bilstein shocks, 5x Racing coilovers mounts, Eibach springs and extended front ball joints. This setup is very much like what the spec Miata’s run, however I chose to run a little bit stiffer of a rear spring. This suspension upgrade will allow me to lower the car, and increase the handling when driving on the track.

The harness bar was custom. Tell me a little about that.

One of my friends works as a product developer for a local off road Jeep parts company, he has made this same bar for another Miata guy in our group of friends, it is designed to bolt into the car, retain the factory seat belt and allow me to safely have a 5 point harness in my car.

Livery for the Miata is similar to last year. What updates have you made so far and do you have a new design or wrap in the works?

The cars livery has not changed much (yet :) ) I do plan on adding a hood graphic some time soon! But who knows I may end up peeling it all off and installing something new!

Overall, how does the car compare to last year?

The upgrades to the car have really improved it, before it was a great car, now it’s a really great car! The suspension upgrade has really helped, the car no longer wants to roll in the corners or dive under hard braking. The harness helps more than I thought it would, I really stay planted in the bucket seat so I can focus on driving instead of bracing myself!

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