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April Car of the Month - Ben's E30 BMW

Can you tell me a little about your car?

It’s a 1989 BMW 325i, 5 speed conversion, setup as a track car. Both subframes have been fully reinforced and powder coated. I added toe and camber adjustments to the rear. Bushings have been upgraded to Garagistic 95a poly everywhere. Coilovers are DS series from BC Racing. Front strut bar, sway bar, and xbrace (Garagistic). Wheels are TRM C1 15x8. Full custom roll cage built by Patience Metal Fab, Sparco seats, Schroth Harnesses, OMP steering wheel. VDO analog gauges. The engine has been refreshed with new gaskets. It remains mostly stock besides a few upgrades. MSD 6AL, CSF radiator, Conforti chip, Mishimoto oil cooler, JB Racing lightweight flywheel mated to a Sachs clutch. Deleted power steering and Ac.

Photo by DriveCartel

What makes an E30 BMW special?

It’s kind of a cult classic with a great following worldwide and a ton of aftermarket support. The E30 chassis was the first version of the infamous M3 that performed really well racing DTM through the late 80’s and early 90s. It earned the nickname “Gods Chariot” Spec E30 racing is still active throughout regions of America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Photo By TJR Photography

What type of events do you like doing with your car?

This is only my 2nd season in the car and so far I’ve enjoyed a few different local events at DCTC doing Auto-x and HPDE. I’d like to check out some new tracks this year and eventually get into some wheel-to-wheel racing if possible.

Can you tell me about the MSP E30 group?

It’s a Twin Cities based BMW E30 enthusiast group on Facebook. I formed the group last year to try and a gather guys and gals from the area and allow them to share knowledge and swap/sell parts. We’re planning our first meet up once the weather gets a little nicer.

Do you have any future plans for your car?

The growing trend of the Honda “K-swap” has caught my eye so I’ve been entertaining that idea. The M20B25 is a great motor but people have been swapping them out to gain much needed power for a longtime. The trend has always been the “24 valve BMW motors” M5X and S5X (amongst others as well). But with those motors being close to 30 years old now people in the E30 world have picked up on what the Miata guys have been doing for a few years and they’re installing Honda Vtec motors instead. Besides the motor, adding some Aero goodies will probably happen as well.

Any events you are looking forward to doing this summer?

I’m definitely going to try and attend as many events as possible. The HPDE events with Impulse Performance have been great. I’m looking forward to MOWOG up in Brainerd and other MAC events. If possible I’d like to try and hit some events out of state.


Oh yeah! I couldn’t have done this on my own. My good friends Justin and Ian for all their hours in the garage. Bryan, Gary and Tim at Patience Metal Fab for their top-notch work and attention to detail. Local MSP E30 members Like Travis and Erik for supplying parts and wisdom. My wife for her loving support and understanding. All of the people that organize events around Minnesota to help get guys like me out on the track.

Visit Bens Instagram to check out more photos of his car!

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