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Car Graphics as Wall Graphics - Why Not!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Vinyl graphics work fantastic on cars, but the also look pretty impressive as window, mirror, or wall art. In fact, we recently spruced up a small room in our basement with some BN Sports side graphics and have some install photos below as reference.

Any side graphics or larger lettered graphics that we offer (BN Sports, Vertex, Mazda rocker stripes, and livery kits) would work well for a vertical corner piece like this. The 2-color red and blue UpGarage decals look super-fun above the doorway. We did this in our boys room, but it would also look great in a gaming/media room or garage.

Install Notes:

First mock up your sticker and hold with painters tape or similar to check the placement and height. I did the BN Sports graphics in two pieces, and it may make sense for longer graphics to be installed in smaller segments, as long as you take the time to line them up.

If you like what you see, place a piece of tape in the center of the sticker. Application will be a 'hinge method' where the top half is applied first followed by the bottom.

Get ready to apply the top by peeling away the backing so you just have the sticker/pre-mask.

Squeegee in upward motions to adhere the sticker. Repeat with the bottom.

When you have the sticker on the wall, gently pull the pre-mask off to reveal the graphic. Enjoy!

While not all vinyls are created equal (I would not use expensive wrap vinyl or tint vinyl), the majority are applicable to a variety of clean surfaces. Depending on your type and age of paint, there may be chips when removing it, so keep that in mind when selecting your area. If you are nervous about a wall surface or are using a smaller sticker (Hot Version Di-cut, V-Opt URL, BN Sports URL), a window or mirror is a stellar alternative that can be easy install and easy removal.


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