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Toyota Gazoo Racing Banner

Toyota Gazoo Racing Banner

Toyota Gazoo Racing windshield banner

Black or White

Standard 56x8 or Vintage 52x7 sizes - cut to fit your vehicle

  • Banner Install Instructions

    Out of the Package- Unroll your banner and let sit flat to relax the vinyl.

    Tips for Applying Windshield Banners

    - Do not apply in too cold, too hot, or too windy conditions.

    - Only clean your windshield with 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or plain water before applying banner. If you want to use soapy water for wet application, choose a dish soap like Dawn. We have done both wet and standard dry application for the banners with success.

    - Unroll the banner and measure it to your vehicle, tape in place, and double check that it covers all the areas you want. Sit inside the car and check the level the banner would be while driving. Tip for those wanting super-low banners: buy two and layer them to fit your needs.

    Watch our installation videos on how to apply banners first and then apply yours!Strait Design Blog:

    o Instagram How-to video:

    o Strait Design Windshield Banner Install video:

    Strait Design TRD Racing Banner Install video:

    o For written instructions with photos, see:

    Basic steps: Measure, tape in the center, peel back one side and apply, peel back the other side to apply, trim around the edges

    Tools to have on hand: painters tape, scissors, squeegee, razor blade

  • Shipping

    All items are made to order. We get them done as soon as we can, but please allow 3-5 business days to produce.

PriceFrom $39.09

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