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Spring Wrap on Gordon's Spec Miata Racecar

Over the last few seasons Gordon's Miata had been crashed...a few times. It made friends with the wall at Road America, became friends with a tree at Black Hawk Farms, and well, 'rubbing is racing', so it tapped a few cars here and there too!

As you can see from the photo above, some of the panels are too bent and broken to fix, so new parts were needed. In total the bumper, both fenders, a headlight cover and the hood were bought, but the motley of red, white, and black pieces all mis-match the original Mariner Blue paint.

Solution... Let's wrap it!

You may have seen this car on our blog before here. We have happily sponsored Gordon in the SCCA Spec Miata class for the past 4 seasons! Being a certified wrap technician, I (Montana) stopped by last weekend and brought a roll of blue vinyl to wrap the front clip of the car.

A few hours later the car is all one color and looking great! We can't wait to get the other decals on it, and see it on the track this season!

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