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Off-Season Fun with Rock Crawlers

A few weeks ago I picked up a "toy" remote control car. It's an Axial scx24, 4wd with locked differentials, and 4 link suspension. Out of the box it is a super capable rock crawler.

The idea behind the crawler was to have some fun during the off-season. Here in Minnesota we have a brutal winter that lasts 4-6 months and its always nice to have ways of getting driver experience when its not possible to go to a normal track.

My crawler has some small modifications done to it so far. I have installed Flex Blades to extend suspension droop, Patagonia tires, Skid plates and added some weight to the front. The mods have really made this thing over-the-top good!

I recently attended my first rock crawl event. It was held at a private residence, and the owner does R&D for Dlux Fab making scale RC parts! It's hard to see from this photo, but that is a 1/10 scale truck crawling during the competition. They had classes for 1.9, 1/24, Sporty and Pro. Next month they are planning another event, and I will be sure to be there with my 1/24 scale rock crawler! What off-season hobbies do you have??

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