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Big Changes at USAIR

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

A few days ago we where hit with a huge shock that track mangers at USAIR decided not to renew their contract for 2023. Pat and Anne have been at USAIR almost as long as I can remember going to the track. We thought that this would be a good opportunity to share a top 5 moments at USAIR!

1. Family Friendly

USAIR has always been a family friendly place! Pat and Anne always welcomed our kids, and if we didn't have them with us they always asked abut them.

2. Ice Cream Some of the people that have been around a little longer may have known that there was an amusement park at USAIR with bumper boats, a pool, and an arcade that sold ice cream. As we all know, nothing sells like ice cream on a hot day!

3. Camping at the Track.

Whether we where there as a family, or if it was just me, it was always fun to camp at the track! Over the years I have slept in tents, the back of my Yukon, the front seat of my old AE86 and NA Miata. A friend of mine, Nam, even spent the night sleeping outside under and EZ-up tent and saw a coyote on the track in the middle of the night! Waking up at the track, seeing the cars roll in from out of town and people getting ready while you are enjoying a cup of hot coffee is one of the reasons why we love to camp at the track.

4.Track Walks

Even though the track has never changed after the long drive its always fun to get out, stretch your legs and walk the track. For me it helps seeing the track first hand before taking a car out on it.

5. The Driving!

USAIR has always been a pleasure to drive at! The track is one of the nicest facilities that I have drifted / raced at. Always well kept. The spots on track that people 'dirt drop' get filled consistently. Over the years a few spots have been filled in with cement to keep people from breaking their cars. These things make it nice for a driver; all you have to do is drive, not worry about bad sections of track, or dangerous areas on track. The layouts are also super fun. I have done my fair share of laps there and I always enjoy going back for more!

Thank you Pat and Anne for all of the amazing memories that we have had at USAIR, the track environment will not be the same without you guys there!

UPDATE: There will continue to be drifting at USAIR next year. Here is ClubFR's facebook post about the changes at USAIR and the changes with their staff.

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