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AE86 Day

In honor of 8/6 Day, I thought I would share my Top 5 favorite Toyota Corollas!

First off - and probably my biggest inspiration - was the TecArts demo car. A 20V swapped AE86 hatch, small wheels, big aero, big wing and big ITB's!

Photo property of Narita Dogfight

Photo property of Narita Dogfight

Photo property of Narita Dogfight

Second is Keiichi Tsuchiya's AE86. The iconic white with green carbon fiber hood is unique and a tasteful take on that early 2000's styling! This car has been in a ton of Hot Version videos, as Tsuchiya would touge race it against other cars! See more about this car here

Photo from

Third on the list is Katsuhiro Ueo SIFT D1GP Competition car. A 1.6 liter 4age car with ITB's making 160 HP competing at a professional level! This car and Ueo's style was one of the first to have increased steering angel! (Most comp cars have 800-1000HP) See more about the car here

Fourth is the Bride / BN Sports D1GP car, driven by Ryouta Yuasa. This car has since been restored and is in Ireland. It is a Nissan powered car with a Turbo SR20 engine! It was also in Option video's Crash Kings :). Yuasa was one of the true masters in exploding aero while drifting.

Lastly, I know its not real, but the Initial D AE86 has been a cool street car to me. The idea of the slow car going fast is what the AE86 is all about! Below is a video of Alexi Smith (NoriYaro) taking "real life" Initial D cars on a touge road in japan!

BONUS! A throwback to my old Corolla at USAIR And here are some links to AE86 related blogs :) Calebs R32 and AE86 Marios Levin

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