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October Car of the Month

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Mario Martinez 1984 Toyota Levin

Can you tell me a little about your Levin?

4age 16v with LSD (Limited Slip Differential)

Built from a shell.

What about old Toyotas do you like most?

The Toyota community is by far the best. Something about 80s Japanese steel, lol.

Is it true that you are the the AE86 savior?

I love building old Toyotas. I love to supply our community with affordable parts. Bringing a shell home and giving it a second chance is way cool. Even if I'm loosing money/labor doing so. It's just a Toyota thing.

Future plans for your Corolla?

Maintenance is #1 but ultimate goal is stay 4age with beams 6 speed ITBs (Individual Throttle Bodies) and standalone with some OST head work.

Does you wife get upset when you bring a new project car home? Wife backs me 100% on anything I bring home. She's become a Toyota girl.

(Her AE92 is next to his AE86 in the photo below.)

What is your favorite AE86 of all time?

I would have to say I own my favorite AE86: Zenki coupe.

Although a black limited is way cool too.

*Photo from GranTurismo

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