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November Cars of the Month

Caleb's AE86 Corolla and R32 Skyline GTS-T.

What made you want to get a Skyline when you already had an AE86?

-The time had come where the 8/6 was too uncomfortable and stressful to daily drive. At the track I won’t hesitate to yeet it at a wall at the top of third with total confidence, but on the road I’m constantly expecting everything to just fall apart. So naturally, I needed a new fun seasonal daily. Skylines had just become legal and typical fan boi shit I had wanted one forever. I figured a nice very stock GTS-T sedan would fit the bill. Though I regret not spending the extra few thousand at the time and gotten a GTR with how prices are these days.

If you had to pick one of your cars to drift and one to road trip what would you pick?

- Well that’s easy, AE86 is dedicated track car with occasionally driving it to work. The Skyline has already been road tripped across the country and Midwest. Say what you want about RB20 power capabilities but they’re reliable.

Do you have any future plans for the AE86?

It seems like it's maybe "done" as a complete build. Well everyone knows a build is never “done”. I’d like go Levin ( front end conversion) in the future with running 14’s. As well as doing a light build with my old blown motor. Always making small improvements.

How about the Skyline?

- Skyline I’d like to keep simple and reliable. So a small but more efficient upgraded turbo and some supporting mods to hit ~250-300whp

Small wheels for life or big wheels and aero?

- This is a tough one that I ask myself constantly. I’d like to stay small wheel for as long as possible but do have plans for aero in the near future. So a vertex kit and wider wheels (if I can find any 5x114.3). Ultimately though it will evolve to 17’s all around.

What is your favorite track to drive on?


If you could add a third drift car to your stable what would it be?

- Lord this list would be long. Another old Toyota, A big body JZX, or I’ve been having a lot of impure thoughts about owning a rotary.

Do you see yourself ever doing any other type of motorsports?

- No, not really. Maybe wheel to wheel racing but drifting is expensive enough.

Any shoutouts?

- Friends at ClubFR and Slide Society. Mark Panic at Panic Wire for hooking me up with everything I need and supporting the further improvement of my build.

Follow Caleb on Instagram @BluePanda3286

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