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Grassroots Motorsports During A Pandemic?

What does grassroots motorsports look like during a pandemic? As a performance driver, driving instructor, and photographer, I find myself at the track a lot. During the early spring, only limited drivers and instructors were allowed at the events, but as we enter fall (and hopefully the homestretch of COVID-19), things have opened up a bit. I recently attended a couple local high performance driving days. One as a driver and one as a spectator/photographer.

The main difference: Distance is key. Social distancing in the pits, spectators spread out along the course or in cars watching, and driving instructors leading or chasing their student driver.

The driving is otherwise unchanged. Personal challenges and enhanced techniques are something most drivers strive for on these days, and it feels great to drive with other skilled car folk.

Are you interested in driving events? Their are a few more drift and grip events coming up this month

9/13 - Slide Society Drift Day 68 - Wisconsin Dells Raceway

9/25 - Impules Performance Performance Driving - DCTC Minnesota

9/26-9/27 ClubFR Drift Day Q7 - USAIR Wisconsin

8/4 - MOWOG #8 - AutoX - DCTC Minnesota

Interested in local driving? Check out the list of upcoming Midwest events below.

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