Discontinued products

Discontinued products

These products are discontinued, overstock, photo samples, or slightly imperfect, but still awesome! Last chance to get them at a very discounted rate! We clear the shelves at Strait Design twice a year and have some great deals!


View photos for more details and some description below. All items are what you see! Nothing is made to order; no returns, please. We will update the list if items sell and with additional overstock as the month goes on, so check back!


Currently available:

Reverse Chrome BN Sports website $4

TEQ Black banner (slight imperfection in orange stripe - at top, so will likely be trimmed off during install to your car) $20

Spoon Yellow Banner $18

SOLD OUT!! Spoon Blue Banner

Red Mugen Banner (longer length) $16

Rad Rod decals (white) $1

SOLD OUT!! TEQ decal

Mazda side stripe kit (white) $30

Mazda side stripe kit (black) $30

SOLD OUT!! Option decal (blue)

SOLD OUT!! Option decal (red)

Option decal (lilac) $2

Facebook Decals $1