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Vintage Car Culture Inspired New Designs

A recent cold weather weekend of antiquing scored some 50s & 60s car magazines and inspired some new slap sticker designs.

In the upper Midwest, winter can get cold...really cold. Last weekend, the highs were in the negatives (yes, we didn't even hit 0 degrees) and we were a little stir crazy. Our solution: driving through hills and valleys of snow-covered countryside and doing a little antique browsing. You just never know what you are going to stumble upon at vintage stores. Records, board games, cameras, and comic books are the usual attractions, but in one dim-light basement area there was a box of old car magazines and of course, we had to grab some!

Below are some new stickers inspired by car culture that we have added to our online shop. Slap one on your car, computer, beer fridge, or whatever and enjoy the nostalgic homage to classic car culture.

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