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A look into Marlboro racing history

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The inspiration for our reproduction Marlboro brand windshield banners is love for the early days of motor racing. Philip Morris Formula 1 livery brings out our vintage side conjuring images of James Hunt and an urge to watch Rush, again. Though banned from motor sports in most countries since around the early 2000s due to anti-tobacco sponsorship laws, Malboro has a long association with racing, MacLaren, and especially Ferrari where the bold red and white logo remains eye-catching today, even in its most subliminal form.  

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Grand Prix Motorcycle racers, like Giacomo Agostini were also sponsored. As well as, Australian Touring Car Racing, and the World Rally Championship teams of Lancia, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Lancer Evolutions, and racers like Tommi Mäkinen, Timo Salonen and Miki Biasion.

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Marlboro has also inspired street car livery in Japan. The Kanjozoku in Osaka sport the well-known red and white on their street cars.

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Our vintage-inspired Marlboro banners come in red and green color combinations to fit the look of your race car, drift car, rally car, or just want to drive curvy roads car.

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Hot News Initial D opens store in Japan

If you are as big of fans of Initial D as we are at Strait Design, you will love this news of an Initial D store in Japan.

Image from Japanese Nostalgic Car Initial D began in 1995 in Weekly Young Magazine and featured a tofu delivery boy and his AE86. This was the first introduction to the Japanese style street racing we know as “drifting” today…and made the common Toyota compact a sought after car for many collector’s garages. If you can’t get to Japan, pick up a Manga, watch anime video, and check out our Initial D inspired banners and stickers.

Strait Design Update!

Strait Design Facebook recently had a guessing game contest to see who could translate the new graphics on our delivery / installation vehicle. レースカーの配送  Race car livery delivery   Congrats to Jonathan Yuan for having the closest guess and winning a sticker pack! Installation tip  Check out this DIY vinyl installation video

HYPER REV August Product of the Month

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